Im studying MSc. in International Economic Consulting. Im currently Teaching Assistant in Macroeconomics.

My education has enabled me to analyze complex industries and quickly creating an overview of various business environments. Specifically, I am now capable of conducting thorough market analyses on the industry level and identify key characteristics and mechanisms that are relevant for particular companies or startups. The education has given me hands-on practice with identifying a client's needs, understanding the surrounding environment and communicating a recommendation for future action.

In my studies I have also focused on the financial aspects of building businesses and especially creating start-ups. The studies have given me tools to evaluate the proper financial strategy and bridge investors’ expectations and entrepreneurs’ needs. During my studies, I evaluated the potential for the clean-tech company AC-Sun, a company that produces air-condition systems driven by green energy-sources.

Through several startup projects, I have been part of the entrepreneurial environment and culture of Aarhus. My successes and failures have taught me some invaluable lesson about starting a company or a project.

My passion for and fascination of entrepreneurship is grounded in the desire to create value and realize opportunities that no one has realized yet. Especially, I find technologies that radically challenge the established technologies, and change the way people live, interesting. But entrepreneurship is more than coming up with a good idea. It is comprised of a scalable business concept and a great team’s commitment and efforts. It is these efforts, and the people pursuing them, that make up the key to my fascination and it is these people I would like to help by being a mentor at




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