General Purpose Cancer Test (CD47 Test)

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  • created on: 23/06/2013

The Summary

What would happen if we combined Jack Andraka's cancer nanotube test strips (designed for detecting pancreatic cancer) with the ideas behind Irv Weissman's (of Stanford University) promising anti-CD47 research (the CD47 antibody has been found in almost all types of cancers)?

Could we create a CD47 Nanotube-based paper strip that takes a small amount of blood to evaluate the overall CD47 values found and thus make it possible for individuals and medical professionals to achieve a low-cost, early warning test?

If so, given that most cancers can be treated if found early enough, a general-purpose test strip would dramatically reduce the amount of deaths caused by cancer. Is it really that impossible to create? Jack Andraka showed us that it is completely possible to make such a test strip, Weissman and his team showed us that CD47 is the common denominator we could look for, so what's holding us back?