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  • created on: 07/05/2013

The Summary

A large archive website with scanned booklets and other album artwork. Limited edition content, versions and other little stuff that makes music geeks like myself get shiny eyes. Easily searchable, indexed and allowing members to submit their own scans.

With the music consumption shifting to downloadable mp3-files and CD's slowly becoming a thing of the past I find myself missing the visual side of the medium.
There's nothing more magical than listening to your favorite album while looking at the art in the booklet and reading the lyrics.
Maybe this would even encourage musicians to pay more attention to the visual art side of music.
If it hasn't been done already, someone needs to look into it. The Interwebs needs this.

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  • Intention

    It needs to be a large website with indexed artists and their respective discographies. Except, instead of music the website will have scanned booklets and other relevant visual material for albums. Searchable and maybe even a way of allowing users to submit their own scans

  • Motivation

    I honestly don't have the expertise or time to work on this idea, but I hope someone will think it's awesome and start it up themselves.

  • The Backstory

    I work on creating album art myself, so I often find myself wondering how certain artists choose to illustrate their music.

  • Current problem

    Try to describe why the situation behind your idea is at it is. Why is it important to you?
    Is it legal? What about copyrights? Maybe it can be argued that it will motivate people to buy more physical releases if they get interested in album artworks. Maybe not
    So why?
    Will record companies see it as a way to promote new and old works to boost sales?

  • The looks and feels

    Easy to navigate. Something clean and minimalistic, maybe starting with a simple search bar.