Making postal delivery as storytelling

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  • created on: 19/02/2013

The Summary

Have you ever ordered an item online?

After the confirmation pops in your mail, do you know the feeling of waiting for more information?

You will most likely receive some information about the expected delivery date, but in a very formal and impersonal approach.

At some point, you will get a new email saying the item has shipped together with a tracking number. Now you will be able to follow the whereabouts of your package, but it will still be written in a very factual way and an impersonal language. Still you are probably excited, but couldn’t this be done better?

I, myself, never thought this could be done otherwise, until we interviewed this girl about online shopping experiences.

When she told about her experience, waiting for a package just like a kid counting the days until x-mass, it suddenly stuck me. Why aren’t companies selling online doing the extra effort to make that – waiting for a package occurrence - into a memorable experience instead, doubling the excitement and easing the frustration of waiting?

Perhaps seeing pictures of the product being assembled, a picture of the girl or guy packing your order. A picture of the car that drives it to the airport, information about the flight, who the captain is taking care of your cargo and so on.

At the end the postman delivering the product would take a picture of you and your big smile when receiving the package. The whole storyline would be shareable on social platforms if you would like.

This would add so much more value to the whole waiting experience, and would actually providing an exclusive experience, only found when buying online.