An App for athletes to upload PR's

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  • created on: 19/03/2014

The Summary

Imagine a social platform where you as an athlete can upload the PR's you make in the weightroom or other exercises for that matter. Add to that a function that enables you to compare yourself with your friends and other athletes around the world. Forget about calories, how long your workout took and your daily workouts - "DUEL" focuses on the hardcore facts of an athlete, the PR's. This is a professional tool that benefits you with a training diary of your Personal Records and simultaneously lets you compare your results with others of the same age, height, weight and sport.

Keep track of you and your friends' PR's!

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    Stats - You have a profile which is very common. You basically list your name, profile picture, sport, age, weight and height. Below you enlist you PR's whether its in the gym or it is the actual sport performances itself (Track n' Field, Weightlifting, Crossfit). These are your "Stats" and this function allows you to keep a diary of your PR's in both the weightroom and/or on the track. Favourites - Furthermore you can add "Favourites" varying from foam roller, GHR, to power cleans and you will also be able to add a comment about why that exercise is a favourite. Compare - This is essential to the App since it lets your results become public and comparable. This feature gives you the proper motivation and it gives you information on your competition/friends and lets you see how far you are from your goal. Home - On this page your friends' PR's will be noticeable and you will get notifications when they do make a PR. Furthermore you will also see how far away you are from that result as the difference will be presented as well.