Relationship manager

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  • created on: 04/03/2014

The Summary

The main idea is a platform, where you can administrate your relations. As a professional this might be leads and customers; Students might use it for study-groups and friends. In general it can be used for all kind of relations, and it is possible to define relations yourself. Relations can be an individual, ad organization or maybe a project! It

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  • The looks and feels

    On the frontpage, there is a short description of the app describing the key concepts, and the pricing (which in first place will tell that it s free and how the pricing possibly are going to work). You can easily log in, either with google, facebook or plain ol user/password. When you are logged in, you'll get an overview of all your contacts. I am a little blurry on how they should be presented the best (comments are appreciated). When you click on a contact, you'll go to the contact's page, where there is an overview of the contacts static details, and the activities with that contact is presented (comments are appreciated here as well)

  • How does your idea work

    In its core, there is two types of objects: contacts and activities. An activity is related to one or more contacts For organization all objects may be tagged And there are some automation tools: * Crawling the web for more information on the contact

  • Current problem

    Try to describe why the situation behind your idea is at it is. Why is it important to you?
    What do people need from their CRM? anything is possible :-)