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  • created on: 02/03/2014

The Summary

A web application that solely does invoicing.
It should do a very good job integrating to other apps and be easy to integrate in you own app.

  • Motivation

    Whenever i start a new project, I have the concerns on how to get payed for the service the project provide. For me it is usually webapps I do. I want an app, which is practically plug and play in respect to payments. I wants an app which knows who my payment provider is, where my users are saved, and credit the users automatically when they pay. I don't wanna pay for accounting, billing and everything else until i actually need it, and by that time I want to be able to integrate my accountancy software with my already existing invoices.

  • The looks and feels

    It is possible to write an app without logging in, a simple front-page telling immediate facts and marketing of the webapp, another page for creating invoices without being logged in. If a user logs in, a simple listing of saved invoices is present, and an easy to find link to create new invoice. Setting up integration to other systems allows for auto-completion of invoice-fields and propagation of invoice to other systems (like accounting systems)

  • Current problem

    Try to describe why the situation behind your idea is at it is. Why is it important to you?
    Assessing whether my current thoughts match with software people need is of high concern.

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