Blood Analytics in (almost) real-time

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  • created on: 17/10/2013

The Summary

Today, we know almost every single little move a person does on a website, when they leave, if they return back etc. etc., all thanks to real-time analytics technology such as Google Analytics and KISSMetrics. But still, we don't have the slightest idea of what precisely happens, in real-time, within our bodies as we eat, exercise (or the lack of) or when we are sick.

Why haven't we yet created a technology that allows us to monitor many of the already known values in our blood in the same manner as Google Analytics?

With all the innovation in nanotechnology seen the last 5 years, it really can't be that hard to create something to wear around your arm that automatically takes small blood samples, analyzes them and through WiFi sends the results to your smartphone, computer or even directly to your doctor. Even if it was only used in scientific research the opportunities could be huge...

Just imagine if a.) the software for the technology would be open-source, allowing thousands of developers to work together with doctors and scientists to create super-accurate measurings of e.g. C-Reactive Protein (CRP) which is one of the early warnings of cancer, or b.) the real-time data could become so precise that we would know within moments how much C-Vitamin, or Glucose, or Artificial Sweeteners such as Aspartame would be circulating in our body after eating an orange, a cookie or a can of Diet Coke.

The former could revolutionize health-care, providing automatic early-warning for you and your doctor, which for many could mean life or death. The latter could completely disrupt nutrition science and give us amazingly detailed insight into how food and exercise really affect our body.

This idea is up for grabs; find a nanotech student, a med student, a front-end designer, an engineer and an investor who share the same vision and you'll be presenting at TED in no-time.