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  • created on: 21/12/2012

The Summary

Okay, to describe it..
I really like Brightloops right away, I already knew that this concept is gold. Great job everybody on making this (Even if this is just open-beta, I already know that you guys spent looooots of hours making this real. Heads up for that!) Now, I guess this should have come in the feedback or as a suggestion e-mail or so. But since this website is for bringing up ideas. Why not bring up ideas for the website here aswell?
Okay.. Okay.. Too much intro.

Would it be possible to make the comments icon on the /allideas page clickable so you can go straight to the comments or contribution section of an idea? =)

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    This will make it a lot easier for the users here on brightloops to easily jump over to a comment or contribution section of an idea. My intentions is really... Uhm.. I thought it was something that would exist already ;) Now to fill up some space so i can go to the next area.

  • Motivation

    Oh dear.. A motivation for it too.. Well okay, my motivation is that I'd like to have an easy way to see other peoples comments and contributions as well for giving one myself in a quick manner. Most of the ideas are usually self explaining just by looking at the title. Therefor it shouldnt always be necessary to first click on it -> then click on read more -> and then finally be where you wanted to be.