Brightloops in general

Q: Which kind of ideas is suited for Brightloops?
A: All kind of ideas are welcome on Brightloops as long as they don't involve anything illegal or morally offending content. For more details on this please read our terms and conditions. For inspiration on possible ideas-types, try search the 'All ideas' area which contains all the existing ideas on Brightloops

Q: Can I use Brightloops without having any ideas?
A: Yes. You can join Brightloops to help you friends and other ideamakers developing their ideas and follow their progress. Chances are you'll be inspired and start creating your own ideas along the way. By then you'll proberly have a lot of co-creators, that you have helped along the way, willing to help you like you helped them.

Q: Which language can I use on Brightloops?
A: Brightloops is meant to be international at some point. Still we start out in Aarhus, Denmark. Create ideas in either danish or english depending on which language you find most natural or attractive.

Q: Why should I add my ideas to Brightloops?
A: Ideas thats still in the drawer, are worth nothing. By start working with them and get others to colloborate on the idea, they get the chance to become real and meaningfull – to you and other people.

Q: Will people steal my ideas?
A: There is no garanti they will not. We trust in people and believe there is greater chance of beeing successful by sharing, than by not sharing. Let's face it; few of us can develop and realize our ideas without any help from people with other skills and perspectives than our own. Together we co-create better, faster, with more fun.

Creating and writing on your own ideas

Q: How do I create an idea?
A: Go to 'My ideas' and fill out the short formular ”Create new idea” in the right colum. When created, your idea will be show up on the left colum; your 'idea-overview'.

Q: How can I continue my work with my ideas?
A: Choose the idea you want to edit from the 'idea-overview'. Choose a section to work on and start updating your idea!

Q: Can I delete my idea again?
A: You can delete the idea as long as nobody has given any contributions to. You delete the idea for your 'idea overview'

Co-creating others ideas

Q: Where can I find ideas that I can contribute to?
A: Under 'All ideas' you can browse for ideas by using the search field or search filters.

Q: How do I contribute to an idea?
A: Choose the idea-section you want to contribute to. Give your contribution in the the contributions box and push 'contribute now'