Why ideas matter!

There's a change coming. Not only in each individual country or city, but globally. It's a change in perspective, a change in how we look at idea generating and at the people behind such ideas. Many now agree on that working smarter and not necessarily harder will be the next, natural stepping stone for us to tread in order to progress. Even more agree on that innovation and creative thinking are becoming key areas for both governments and companies to heavily invest resources in.

But there are also other reasons behind the importance of ideas; that we can't rely on just a few geniuses to come up with every single solution, we need everyone to come aboard! Big or small, we believe that everyone has the potential of having good ideas, especially when they get the right tools to help them develop these ideas further.

Each of these ideas matter; some matter to a few and others matter to many, but it's not about how many or how much they matter. It's about creating a mindset, a culture where everyone can create and share ideas they believe in. A culture where we see other idea-makers not as competitors, but as co-creators. A culture of open innovation.

Where do good ideas come from?

There is no one place where good come from and no one way to get ideas. A place where ideas could grow from, is the places you go and the places where you live your everyday life; in the classroom, at your job, in the supermarket, in your kitchen and living room.

How to get (more) good ideas?

A way to get more ideas is to be more attentive and curious about why things actually are as they are and work as they actually do. And then ask to yourself: Could things be or work in another way?: Could there be a better way than the existing? If the answer is yes, then you have a starting point for a new idea.

What to do with ideas?

Often ideas end up in the drawer after it is born. A shame really. It might be because you don´t feel you have the time to work with it or don't have the skills to develop it further. Or it could be the simple reason that you don't know where or how to start working with the idea. We had the same problem, thats why we created Brightloops; because what we should do is start growing our ideas and thereby start making our ideas matter. With Brightloops you can.