What is Brightloops?

An open, online platform where people can develop ideas alone and in collaboration, thereby cover actual needs and solve real challenges that real people are facing. Brightloops is e.g.;

    1) Your own portfolio of ideas to keep track of your ideas.

    2) Easy way to create and co-create your ideas and get feedback from persons with other skills than your own.

    3) Challenges to help you in the idea developing process.

Who can use Brightloops?

Everybody who has a good idea or want to help a friend's idea forward, use their unique skills to create a better world.

Our mission.

Our mission is to create better conditions for developing ideas in collaboration and assist every persons opportunity to live out his or her ideas and unique and creative potential.

Our vision.

With Brightloops we wish to give people the opportunity to work with their own ideas and at the same time facilitate the meeting between people with unique knowledge, skills and perspectives, so working on and improving our ideas can be easy, fun and more effective.

The thoughts behind.

The lost ideas
Lots of new ideas emerge every single day, but most are forgotten or hidden away in drawers, because people don't have sufficient time, knowledge and creativity to develop the idea by themselves.

Creative processing of information
The information society gives us access to large amounts of knowledge and information, but we need to process this information creatively. By this processing, we can create new and better solutions for the world of tomorrow.

Collaboration and synergy
You're unique - like everybody else! Our knowledge and skills are not alike and can definitely complement each other. Together we have more resources and more perspectives to co-create.

Read more about Brightloops and how it works in the FAQ.

The heads behind.

Lauge is crazy about ideas and believes that everyone should find and work with their passion. Lauge is our concept developer, project manager and occassionaly looks like Tin Tin.

Anders thinks that what Lauge just said about passion was totally like what he wanted to say as well... Apart from that Anders is our lead designer, co-founder and official "Sir Talks-a-lot".

Kristoffer agrees on what Lauge and Anders just said... he's the typical computer science major and while Lauge and Anders are arguing, he actually gets stuff done.

Signe keeps our team together with home-made cinnamon buns, raspberry shortcrusts, chocolate chip cookies and croissaints, oh and she's also our awesome lead illustrator!

Want to get in touch?

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